24th MARCH 2022


(GMT+8) 20:00

Build on      Solana block chain

Artboard 2

Play 2 earn NFT project born for Game-Fi,  which offers a wholesome and supportive community where people can earn and grow together. Which are unique and randomly generated 2D NFT Social Avatars for your online experiences. Some appear normal. Some look weird. Some are just damn cool! Maybe some even look familiar! 


Phase 1 1st Gen Pony Social Icon Wen Merch?

Total Supply: 8,888 NFT

Launch 3,888 Pony NFT

  • Pre-sale & whitelist activity
  • Receive Official Pony Club Membership
  • Mint & Get (Over hundreds SOL prize pool) 
  • A NFT that generate profit 
  • 10% Trade Vol profit return back to the Community Pool
  • Lifetime weekly giveaway
  • Post sold out party with celebrities & KOLs meet up party
  • Wen Merch? to collaborate with a local design brand (TBA) Stay tuned!
  • 10% of total profit will be donated to charity organization 

Phase 2 Mutated Pony Rotten Carrot

  • Launch 2,500 Mutated Pony NFT collection
  • Owner who hold 3 Gen 1 Pony NFT will receive a Rotten Carrot
  • Feed 1 of your 3 ponies with the rotten carrot will mutate your pony without burning   your Gen 1!

Phase 3 Game-Fi 3D Pony NFT Racetracks

  • Pony racecourse play 2 earn come to live

  • 3D Pony NFT will be airdropped to every Gen 1 owner for in-game racing

  • Pony NFT breeding (Smart Contract) Launch

  • Launch 30 different countries themed racetracks in smart contracts

  • 50% profit revenue from pony racing returns back to Gen 1 NFT community pool

  • 50% of pony racecourse transection vol profit returns back to Gen 1 NFT community pool

Phase 4 Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon

Coming Soon


Game Intro


Pony Club is a competitive game metaverse which offers a wholesome and supportive community where people can earn and grow together. Public can join the pony mini game with 30  different countries’ themed racing tracks by purchasing our exclusive pony, NFTs. We will launch the breeding system for the players to create a unique pony with more compatible specifications.
We intend to provide an enjoyable environment and communication on behalf of all Pony Club NFT collectors by collecting these valuable Pony on the Solana blockchain. We wish to bring all Pony Club fans together by forming a powerful community through our NFTs.



Gaming Nature

About Game-Fi

  • Air Drop Breeding System
  • 30 different Countries/ Cities Racing Tracks
  • Customized Pony Houses
  • In Game social community
  • Earn from Racing & Pony Auction
  • Play to Earn Game
  • Join Pony Club land in the mini game
  • Free 3D Pony playable in the mini game
  • Free Exclusive Merchandise
  • Rare Mutated Pony Channel
  • Receive 50% from Profit Gains
  • NFT Owners